Lawton Community Foundation Scholars

NOTE: To apply for this scholarship, please complete all of the components of the (1) General Application and then (2) the Senior High School Student Application. Meeting the eligibility criteria and submitting all required components/fields on the Senior High School Student Application will automatically move an applicant into the Lawton Community Foundation Scholars applicant pool.

The Trustees of the Lawton Community Foundation provide a one-year, $2,000 scholarship in each high school of the Lawton, Frederick, Elgin, Geronimo and Cache public school districts for the purpose of encouraging students to pursue post-secondary education in a college or technical institution.

Eligible applicants for the Lawton Community Foundation Scholars program must meet the following criteria:

  • Current seniors in a designated high school (Cache, Elgin, Frederick, Geronimo, Lawton High School, Lawton Eisenhower or Lawton MacArthur).
  • GPA 3.0 – 3.79.
  • Participate in at least one extracurricular community service activity.
  • Complete the requirements for admission to an educational institution.
  • Weighted consideration may be given to students who may not qualify for other awards.
  • Recipients must also demonstrate they have applied for all federal and state grants (not loans) for educational assistance.
  • Submit a photo on the Senior High School Student Application.

Financial need is considered.

Funds may be used for educational-related expenses such as tuition, fees and books at any academically accredited two- year, four-year or vocational technical nonprofit institution in the United States. Payments are made directly to the school.

The Lawton Community Scholars program is an initiative of the Lawton Community Foundation, an affiliated fund of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation.