Virgil & Pauline Jackson Scholarship

NOTE: To apply for this scholarship, please complete all of the components of the (1) General Application and then (2) the College Student Application. Meeting the eligibility criteria and submitting all required components/fields on the College Student Application will automatically move an applicant into the Virgil & Pauline Jackson Scholarship applicant pool.


  • Enrolled at Langston University in Langston, Oklahoma.
  • Must have completed 30 or more credit hours.
  • A GPA ≥ 2.5.
  • Preference may be given to students who are education majors.

Funds may be used for educational related expenses such as tuition, fees and books at Langston University. Payments are made directly to the school.

The Virgil and Pauline Jackson Scholarship for Langston University was established in 2001 by Mrs. Jackson in memory of her husband.