April Bowman & Samantha Bowman Fiscus Scholarship for Northwest Classen High School


  • Applicants must be a graduating high school senior from Northwest Classen High School.
  • Financial need will be considered.
  • Preference will be given to students who have experienced a hardship and can explain a lesson learned or how they’ve overcome an obstacle in their lives. Examples of a hardship include but are not limited to: personal tragedy, family issues, lack of support, caretaking responsibility for a family member, working to support the family, raised outside the family home, death in the family, recovering from bad decisions, etc.
  • Awards may be given to full-time and part-time students. Part-time recipients will receive a monetary award that is half of a full-time recipient (per academic year).
  • Awards may be used for college or career readiness, vocational training certificate, or an educational degree.

The April Bowman & Samantha Fiscus Bowman Scholarship for Northwest Classen High School is a one-time award.

Funds must be used for college readiness, tuition, fees and books. Payments are made directly to the school or vendor.

The April Bowman & Samantha Fiscus Bowman Scholarship for Northwest Classen High School fund was established by Sam Bowman in 2018 as a way of giving back to a school that contributed to the education of his daughters, Samantha and April. This scholarship fund encourages students from Northwest Classen High School to pursue future educational and career goals via a degree or certification program. This is an endowed fund of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Describe a circumstance, obstacle or conflict in your life, and the skills and resources you used to resolve it. Did it change you? If so, how? (Please limit to 500 words.)