Classen Awards Foundation

NOTE: To apply for this scholarship, please complete all of the components of the (1) General Application and then the (2) High School Senior Student Application. Meeting the eligibility criteria and submitting all required components/fields on the High School Senior Student Application will automatically move an applicant into the Classen Awards Foundation applicant pool.


  • A graduating senior at Classen School of Advanced Studies or Northwest Classen High School.
  • A GPA ≥ 3.5.
  • Process requires a faculty nomination.

Financial need may be considered.

Funds may be used for tuition, fees and book expenses. Payments are made directly to the school. No more than six credit hours may be completed online each semester.

The Classen Awards were established in 1926 at Classen High School by Anton H. Classen. The awards have continued through the support and participation of previous award recipients.