Melton Art Scholarship


  • Eligible applicants must be visual arts/art majors or educators pursuing art certification in Oklahoma.
  • Applicants may apply as a college freshman, sophomore or junior for an award in the following academic year.
  • Preference for financial need.
  • Preference for students needing funds to study art abroad.

The Melton Art Scholarship is a one-time award.

The award may be used for tuition, fees, books and study abroad funding. Payments are made in two installments (fall and spring semester) each academic year directly to the student’s school after proof of enrollment has been provided to the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. Payments are issued in the following academic year. No more than six credit hours may be completed online each semester.

The Melton Art Scholarship was established as an OCCF-administered scholarship in 2018 by funds transferred from the Melton Art Reference Library Scholarship Fund. This scholarship encourages worthy art students to pursue a degree in higher education. The Melton Art Reference Library is a center for art research located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It is a comprehensive resource library, offering information on national & international artists, especially artists less well-known to the general public. This is an endowed fund of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation.

Supplemental Questions
  1. Why are you applying for this scholarship? Please include information related to any intention to study art abroad if applicable
  2. Did you submit your household's FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR) for the coming year when you completed the General Application? (NOTE: If you answered "no,” please know that financial need may be considered for this scholarship. To be eligible for this scholarship, you need to return to the General Application and attach a FAFSA or a 1040 if you cannot complete the FAFSA.) If you cannot complete the FAFSA, please indicate your financial circumstances on your General Application under the particular circumstances question.